NeuroStar® delivers the right dose to the right location, every time

September 21, 2020

Only NeuroStar Advanced Therapy provides patented precision technology to provide you with the right dose to the right location, every time. If treatment is off by just 1mm, up to 40% of the required dosage can be lost.

NeuroStar delivers more than other TMS systems, so be sure to ask for it by name

Feature/ BenefitNeuroStarBasic TMS

Contact Sensing

Ensures you receive the full, prescribed dose every time

High-Performance Coil

Designed for better, more comfortable fit on your head

3-D Laser Positioning

Helps ensure repeatable and accurate treatment

Proven Efficacy in Multiple Clinical Trials

Backed by 11 studies with over 900 patients and 23 publications

Proven Durability Over 1 Year7

Gives you the best chance for long-term remission

TrakStar™ Cloud

Stores your position and dosage information for fast, accurate treatment, every time

Comfortable & Easy In-Office Experience

Recline in spa-like chair with no helmet or mouth guard required

Find out the truth about TMS

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